Washitsu(Japanese Style)


~The ocean view like a beautiful picture~

Washitsu in our hotel has 10 to 17 tatami-mats in it. You can sleep on "FUTON" which is laid directly on tatami-mats instead of bed. It is the most general style of the room at Japanese accommodations.

WashitsuWashitsu with the ocean view

Bedroom(Modern Style)

Modern Washitsu A

~Superior room with an ocean view bath~

We have two types of modern-Japanese-style room in which 2 single beds are on the tatami-mats. There is a bath in the oceanside of the room, and you can look at the Pacific Ocean while taking a bath.

Bath(Modern Washitsu A)Modern Washitsu BBath(Modern Washitsu B)Veranda(Modern Washitsu)

Premium Room

Premium Room Asahi

~Private room with excellent quality~

Oarai Hotel contains 8 premium rooms located in our facility. And there are 5 different concepts for them. Yunagi(Evening calmness), Asahi(The morning sun), Japanese resort style, Japanese style, and Asian style. Japanese style or Asian style is recommended in particular to people from other countries.

Japanese style Premium RoomBath(Japanese style)Asian style Premium RoomBath(Asian style)

Suite Room

Suite Room

~The finest room with every possible luxury~

Oarai Hotel has 2 types of the finest suite room with different designs. And there is a dining space in each. So you can relax and enjoy dinner in the room.

Suite Room 515Suite Room 515Suite Room 516Suite Room 516