Sake & Craft Beer

Sake of Tsukinoi

Tsukinoi brewery

〜Organic SAKE〜

SAKE is becoming globally popular, thanks to its delicate fragrance and refined flavor. However, the brewing process is very complicated. Great SAKE depends largely on the production process. The workers of Tsukinoi brewery started making organic SAKE because of their owner's illness. They decided to make their SAKE in natural and healthy way. They use natural ingredients, and their production process is completely organic.

(about 15-minute walk)

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Sake of Sudohonke

Sake of Sudohonke

〜A distiller in 850-year or more history〜

Sudohonke has been getting internationally high evaluation. Sudohonke's SAKE is made with the subsoil water of the well which is in the same position of its site for 800 years. The brewery has won the prizes in International Wine Challenge(IWC international wine competition). It has also acquired 91 points by a wine critic Mr. Robert Parker's evaluation.

(about 60-minute drive)


Plumliqueur of Meirishurui

Hyakunen Umeshu(Plumliqueur of Meirishurui)

〜No.1 of the national ume liquor contest in Japan in 2008〜

"Kairakuen" in Mito which is a neighboring town of Oarai is known as one of the famous places of plum in Japan. "HYAKUNEN UMESHU" made here is natural and rich taste ume liquor which is completed by blended with natural water and honey brandy after ripening malt for five years.

(about 30-minute drive)


Craft Beer of Kiuchi Brewery

Kiuchi Brewery

〜Excellent taste the world admits〜

Kiuchi brewery has been making craft beer since 1996 and sending out superior beer which wins a prize in the famous international contests to the world. It is the most popular Japanese craft beer in the world.

(about 45-minute drive)

HITACHINO NEST BEERKiuchi BreweryCraft Beer of Kiuchi Brewery