December to June

The sun shines many hours, and the moderate difference of temperature between day and night is in Ibaraki. So here is the perfect place for strawberry to grow up.


May, June, September and October

Near Oarai-machi, there is Hokota-shi, Ibaraki-machi and Kashima-shi. All of which face the Kashima-nada coast. This area is mildly warm all-year-round and a moderate difference of temperature between day and night. The ground is volcanic ash and has good drainage which makes Ibaraki a suitable place for growing melons.

Asian Pears(Nashi)

August to October

Japanese aka-nashi pear "Ko-sui" and "Ho-sui" are very popular because they are juicy and sweet. Then Ibaraki is the second best and one of the oldest producing centers in Japan. People in Ibaraki have been growing them since the Edo Period.


August to October

You can taste various kinds of grapes. For example 'Kyoho' of Japanese origin, and the grapes of European kind which you can eat skin and all, etc.


September to November

In the Daigo area located north of Ibaraki, a lot of fresh, sweet and good-smelling apple can be tasted. There are also accommodations in which you can enjoy taking a bath with apples.