Japanese B-Class Gourmet


Ramen by Toraijin

Ramen is a soup dish which is very popular also among Japanese people. Various sorts of soup and noodles can be enjoyed in various areas and various shops. "TORAIJIN" which is in Oarai is a popular shop with Japanese style soup. Incidentally, it is said that Mitsukuni Tokugawa(Mito Komon), who was reigning over Mito area, the neighboring town of Oarai, is the very first parson who ate RAMEN in Japan.

Yakisoba of Nakaminato

Nakaminato Yakisoba

YAKISOBA is a dish which stir-fried noodles, meat(pork etc.) or sea foods(shrimps etc.) and vegetables(cabbage, bean sprouts, etc.) seasoned with Worcestershire sauce or soy sauce. In Nakaminato which is neighboring town of Oarai, original YAKISOBA is offered in each shop. It is loved by people of all ages.